Tuesday, September 22, 2015

OSA rips APS over audits; more audits are needed

image OSA
New Mexico State Auditor Tim Keller released a report this morning, link.

The report
"compiles and analyzes data from the most recent audits of 449 government entities across New Mexico, illustrating the financial health of government. The report provides a snapshot of how government is working using three audit measures: audit opinions, types of annual audit findings, and repeated audit findings."
Among entities with the most findings of
"significant issues or problems";
Albuquerque Public Schools.

Among those entities with the greatest number of
"repeated findings";
Albuquerque Public Schools.

Auditors in the past, have found that the leadership of the APS routinely ignores the findings of the audits they suffer.

There needs to be another audit, though audit isn't the right word.  People think financial audit when you say audit. The State Auditor will take care of reviewing the financial audits.

Someone else, independent and impartial needs to come in and compile, examine and review APS' non-financial "audits".  Their findings need to be made public.

Examiners have found before, and will find again;
  • inadequate standards, and
  • inadequate accountability, and
  • inadequate record keeping
That is to say, they would find, if only there ever were and district wide examination and review of ethics, standards and accountability in the administration of the APS; against the will of the powerful people in the leadership of the APS.

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