Thursday, September 03, 2015

APS board has only itself to blame

For ever, the APS  school board has claimed that they can't respond to questions asked of them during public forum, because they are not "allowed".

Last night, apparently it was all to much for them, and they did respond to accusations that have been leveled against them in the forum and in the media.

The gist is;

if the people knew what the board knows,
they would be more supportive of the board.
Begging a question;
Why not be more candid, forthright and honest with stake and interest holders?  Why keep them so deeply in the dark?
Rational people understand that some things need to be dealt with in secret. But for the board, the line is not only fuzzy but movable upon their whim.

The board chose to crank the needle all the way to the right this time; complete secrecy over everything. Instead of secreting only as much information as the laws requires, they chose to secret as much as the Open Meetings Act and their feckless Code of Ethics allows.

And now the piper is going to be paid.

Because a recall of the entire board, or even of a majority of the board, would allow the Secretary of Education to appoint the successors, the recall petition will be modified to remove only three of the most arrogant and recalcitrant board members.

Perhaps the attention of the remaining four will be gotten.

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