Saturday, August 16, 2014

Will Skandera read the secret Brooks' report?

Sometime in the next few weeks, former APS Supt Winston Brooks' settlement agreement will be submitted for a stamp of approval by the NM Public Education Dept and the Second Judicial District Court; though it is unclear at this point, how stamping approval on a settlement agreement falls within the jurisdiction of the Second Judicial District Court.

Within the settlement agreement, it is clearly stated that the file containing the investigation of "a serious personnel issue" will remain secret from everybody, forever; APS shall not release the report to anyone. emphasis added

Does "anyone" include the Secretary of Public Education Hanna Skandera?  Will she be allowed to read the report before she signs off  for the PED?

Would she sign off on the settlement without reading the report?

Will she have someone else sign off in her stead?  Will they read it?

And while we're at it; will a Second Judicial District Court Judge sign off on Brooks' settlement agreement without reading the report?

What if the report is of criminal misconduct on the part of Winston Brooks, or his wife, or of the board?

They can't give away public money in a settlement agreement designed keep criminal misconduct a secret among themselves. That would be illegal.

It wouldn't be the first time they've done it,
but it would still be illegal.

Whether Hanna Skandera actually signs off herself or has someone else sign off in her stead, her reputation and the reputation of the NM PED will be attached to their assurance that the people have no legitimate interest in the contents of the file.

Similarly, the Second Judicial District Court and the Judge who signs off on the settlement and its secret file, attach their honor with their guarantee that the truth being secreted, is not being secreted in violation of the law.

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Anonymous said...

Furthermore, will NMPED finally read multiple ethics complaints filed against Brooks by former APS female administrators who are now suing him and before NMPED signs off on Brooks' settlement agreement? It's been exactly two years since one of those women filed her ethics complaint against Brooks and she is yet to hear back from NMPED. Why have rules and policies if you are not going to enforce them?