Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Administrative accolades don't correlate either

If you totaled up all of the administrative accolades that have been heaped on APS Supt Winston Brooks, all the times he's had his back or butt slapped, you will find no correlation between that measurement and any objective measurement of his success.

APS, like most school districts everywhere, is barely holding its own.  They're all still beating the dead horse of trying to standardize individual performance.  If there was magic anywhere, some way to do that, we would have heard about it.  We would all be practicing it.  Though one would have to wonder why, in this day and age, you would want to.

If anyone asks APS how APS is doing, APS will tell them look at our soaring graduation rates. 

They will say look at all of Winston Brooks' accolades he has "earned".

What they won't say, what they won't be, is candid, forthright and honest about their actual performance. 

What they won't be is, held accountable for their lack of success.

Or for that matter, held accountable for their deliberate efforts to cover up their lack of success.

For that I blame Kent Walz and those of his ilk.

In his paper this morning, link, PED Sec Hanna Skandera is allowed to point out

New Mexico’s graduation rate improved by 15 points,
more than any other state in the country
like it means something and
without rebuttal. 

APS' graduation rates went up because they gave kids another year to earn them.  APS graduation rates went up because they stop counting the kids who failed the 9th grade already.  APS graduation rates went up in spite of the fact that any other objective indicator remains flat or in decline in comparison.

APS' graduation rates went up because
more kids are holding near worthless diplomas 
than ever before.

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

The graduation statistics are reflective of the same old smoke and mirror practices that fool the sheeple of Albuquerque. The most important point is that all diplomas are being marginalized to the point that graduation is not indicative of preparation for further education or any form of entry level employment. Why would Tesla ever want to relocate a manufacturing plant to this community?