Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Non partisan public forum proposed; open and honest public discussion in anticipation of the next APS School Board election.

There, I proposed it.

Now all we need is the time, the day and the place.

And professional facilitation, wikilink;

"It is important to note that the tasks and responsibilities listed below do not need to be covered by a single facilitator. The role of the facilitator is often shared by multiple people, for instance one person may arrange the logistics before the meeting, another person may keep time and monitor the agenda during the meeting, and a third person may be responsible for recording agreements.

Prior to a meeting, facilitators:
  • research the meeting
  • find out the purpose and goal (if any) of the meeting
  • establish who needs to attend
  • draw up a draft agenda and design the group processes to attain the necessary results
  • share the agenda with potential attendees, changing it as necessary
  • ensure everyone gets fully briefed for the meeting and that everyone knows the purpose and potential consequences of the meeting
During the meeting, facilitators:
  • monitor the agenda
  • keep time
  • manage the group process
  • encourage participation from all attendees
  • help participants understand different points of view
  • foster solutions that incorporate diverse points of view
  • manage participant behaviour
  • create a safe environment
  • teach new thinking skills and facilitate structured thinking activities
  • record (with an agreed phraseology) agreements. They may also note unresolved issues for later debate.
The facilitator may write up and publish the results of the meeting to everyone concerned including those who could not attend."

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