Saturday, August 09, 2014

Did Tellez go alone?

The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department has released their report, link, on their investigation into allegations of embezzlement by former APS Chief of Police Steve Tellez.  In it one finds;

Steve Tellez approved his own request for an AR-15 Armorer’s course to which no ammunition was needed and for which the department does not own or use any rifles/firearms pertinent to the instruction. Steve Tellez then had a portion of the ammunition issued to him for the Armorer’s course and then attended the course.
I am told that Tellez did not attend alone.  Someone else went with him.  A crony who also owns and loves to shoot AR15s.

There should be public records of;
  • class lists and attendance, and
  • use of any shooting range that might be available formally or informally to "students" regardless of whether the use was required as part of a class.
It stretches credulity to think that a visiting Chief of Police, as a "professional courtesy," would not be allowed to use any available shooting range.

Wouldn't it be interesting if there were security camera footage of a couple of trusted public servants having a good ol' time blowing up a bunch of someone else's ridiculously expensive ammo?

It's only a public records request and protracted "legal" litigation away.

Have fun.

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