Saturday, August 09, 2014

Despite Esquivel's immediate involvement ...

the Albuquerque Public School Board of Education seems not to get Open Meeting Law; they are not allowed to vote except in a public meeting.

APS School Board President Analee Maestas' defense; that she enjoyed a unanimous vote to hire an attorney to conduct an investigation, the results of which would be hidden behind a cloak of attorney client privilege of some kind, is an admission of her guilt.  She took a vote outside of a public meeting.

APS School Board Member David Peercy would seem to agree.  In a letter to the board, link, he contradicts Maestas' claims writing;

"... I believe the procedure of entering into such a contract was not the result of a valid Board action, there are doubts as to the legality of the contract and in particular, who is responsible for the cost associated with the contract."
It's all done in secret and they steadfastly refuse to record their meetings.

As one of School Board Member and open government expert Marty Esquivel's constituents, I am deeply disappointed that he did not remind board members that what they were doing was against the law.

I would be willing to bet there were a number of lawyers party to that meeting who should have known better, and better advised those who did not.

Or, perhaps there was no need to remind them because they all know it full well, and it doesn't make one whit of difference.  The lawyers are not there to advise them against it; they're there to help them get away with it.

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