Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Exposing the Brooks file; pressure mounting

KOAT has a couple of reports up, link, link, on the public records fight between the APS School Board and the community members they serve.  Give KOAT credit for applying some pressure.

They have an expert legal opinion to headline what is turning into a very lopsided battle between the APS School Board and pretty much everybody else with even a modestly learned opinion.

Marty Esquivel's APS PR image.
If he and the real Marty Esquivel
met on the street, they wouldn't
recognize each other.
Open government lawyer and school board enforcer Marty Esquivel is the only lawyer on record, in agreement with the board in their belief they can hide Brooks' file from public knowledge.

Modrall lawyers recently helped Esquivel write his manifestly unconstitutional public participation in public meetings policy and procedural directive.  It will surprise no one, if Modrall lawyers show up to argue, it's all "legal".

Not right, not ethical, not moral; "legal".

When Marty Esquivel and the board decide to spend operational dollars on legal defenses for themselves, they do it in meetings in secret.

When they decide to spend dollars that could be spent in classrooms  instead, on "legal"efforts to scrub their names from their convictions, they decide in secret.

There is no real oversight over their spending of what amounts to unlimited amounts of money.

APS Chief Counsel,
Modrall lawyer and great
personal friend of the
leadership of the APS
Art Melendres.
Don't believe it?  Ask for the
public records of how much
money that has been funneled
into Modrall over the years.

They won't produce it.

They make so much money,
Art Melendres couldn't recall
even under oath, how much
money they make.

There is only one reason to hide the truth; it is to
avoid the consequences of the truth becoming known.

If they were proud of the truth, they wouldn't need to hide it.
If the truth does not embarrass, shame or indict them, why hide it?

photo Mark Bralley

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