Friday, August 08, 2014

"APS Mum On Brooks Investigation"

So read the Journal headline this morning, link.

If you Google "tip of the iceberg" you will find APS' mumness on the Brooks investigation.

The leadership is mum on everything.

The wheels are about to come off the Brooks Administration.  The school board says; don't worry, we are going to meet in secret on Monday, and we'll get it all sorted out.  Trust us.

When they meet Monday it will be to resolved conflicted interests; the bests interests of students and the best interests of school board members and senior administrators.  There will not be a single person in the room who is not conflicted by their own need to hide the truth or by their guilty knowledge of everyone else's needs.

There will be no supervision, no oversight over their meeting Monday.  By their own deliberate decision, they do not record their meetings in secret.  There is no good and ethical reason to not record meetings; records that would be available to a judge or court for due cause.

They don't record meeting in secret because they want no record of their violations of the law during those meetings.  For instance, when in a secret meeting of the Audit Committee, they discussed and decided to eject Mark Bralley and I from a meeting, and then lied about it when they came back into session.

If the people of Albuquerque want to hold school board members accountable at the next election, they need to know how they performed in the evaluation of Winston Brooks.  The board is conflicted because they hired Brooks and have given him repeated golden parachutes worth up to $750K.  They cannot now admit their mistake without admitting their own incompetence.

There is a legitimate need for secrecy sometimes.  There is no good and ethical need for total secrecy all of the time.

There is no worse thing, than any thing a politician or public servant does in unnecessary secret from the people they serve.

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Anonymous said...

Speculation on Brooks Misdeeds; since the public will never see the official report:
1. Using APS staff while on the APS clock to personally maintain his home and lifestyle in Pakko Ridge East Mountains (plowing snow, general maintenance indoors, weeding private drive, security patrol, and picking up and delivering dry cleaning to his home). PS this reported by Winnie's neighbors who dislike him
2. Double dipping on APS time (travelling and being paid to speak for and endorse educational products purchased with our tax dollars while being paid his regular salary as Superintendent).
3. Sexually harassing female administrators and members of his leadership team while on the job (creating a dysfunctional and hostile work environment at APS).
4. Brooks on the DL-allegedly carrying on inappropriate personal relationships or "affairs" with male school employees during work hours (charge made by Brook's wife who lives out of state to police dispatcher).
5. Hiring unqualified APS employees that lack the appropriate administrative licenses to make them eligible for certain higher level jobs jobs at APS.
6. Not performing and actually improving academic performance of APS students (performance below minimum standard of stated objectives). Simply changing the statistics to create smoke and mirror improvements and thereby eroding the value of all APS diplomas.
7. Ineffective communicator and an alarming pattern of behavior reflecting disrespect of the diverse communities APS serves (especially minority communities).
8. Failing to engage support for APS priority items as outlined by the board (failing to attentively kiss Marty's A__).
9. Traveling home to Wichita on APS time and money.
10. Conduct unbecoming--tweeting misogynistic messages to NMPED Education Secretary designate to the public on Brooks APS twitter account.
11. Instigating a brawl and battering charter school principal Scott Glasrud after a contentious meeting.
12. Pissing off the union (failing to kiss Ellen Berstein's A__).
13. Shaming the district by calling 911 while drunk after getting into a domestic incident with his Wichita wife who surprised him by visiting him unexpectedly in Albuquerque. Then to avoid arrest using his position as Superintendent to get special preferential treatment from BCSO by having the call changed from domestic violence to a medical incident to avoid mandatory arrest which would immediately invalidate Brook's employment contract. Also, Being caught on tape crying like a bitch.
14. Shady stadium deals and illegally moving the new Westside stadium after the bond issue declared the location would be next to Atrisco Heritage HS.
15. Believing Kathy Korte's delusions that she has more power on the board than the infinitely connected Marty Esquivel
16. Demoting Monica Armenta and pissing off her well connected Momma.
17. Pissing off Ken at the ABQ Journal.
18. Being an unlikable S.O.B. whose chickens have finally come home to roost; don't forget to close the barn door behind you (moo! moo! oink! oink!)