Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Does Kathy Korte's character count?

Someone else first said, if you want to test someone's character, give them power.

It has also been observed that you can test someone's character by playing golf with them.  Golf or any other activity that might frustrate them.

It's what people do when they've lost self control that reveals their character.

APS School Board Member Kathy Korte has been accused, link, of inappropriate use of social media.  If true, she would have tweeted in violation of the new school board policy on social media use to which she has just given her blessings.

It is further alleged that she took down the inappropriate tweet.  To those whose immediate reaction was, well duh!, my reaction would be, seriously?!  You don't think it's wrong to pretend you didn't do something wrong?  Did George Washington pretend he didn't chop down a cherry tree?

Rather than deal with the consequences of violating her own policies, Korte chose to pretend it never happened.  This is no small thing, because that reasoning extends to every other board member and senior administrator.  It applies to every wrongdoing any of them has ever engaged in; just pretend it never happened.  Pretty soon the complainers will die or move away.

The school board and senior administration are still pretending, with the help of the media that, APS senior administrators in their publicly funded private police force were not involved in felony criminal misconduct, misconduct for which they were never held criminally accountable.
You don't get to just take down an inappropriate tweet.
Bells cannot be unrung.  There is no unsend, no untweet,  
no unsay; there is no unpost.

Did Korte vote to allow APS Supt Winston Brooks to "un-tweet" his foolishness, link?

There are different ways of dealing with the ringing noise.
Kathy Korte dealt with it according to the law; the standards of
conduct that every higher standard is higher than.

This though, she happens to be one of the seven senior-most role models of student standards of conduct.  The standards she yearly establishes and enforces upon students is called the Pillars of Character Counts!, link.  They represent a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct.  Standards of which she claims knowledge and to which she professed her allegiance.

According to those standards, Korte's obligation was to attach a retraction and apology to the offending tweet.

By their own frank admission, school board members and senior administrators are absolutely unaccountable to any standards of conduct higher than the law; the lowest standards of conduct acceptable to civilized human beings.

Does Character Count! is APS?

Does a pint of Häagen-Dazs really serve four?

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