Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gradegate; Final Score

NM Secretary of Education, Veronica Garcia,
for her botched gradegate "investigation" and for her
decision to prevent a public hearing of the evidence;
off scot-free.

Paul Calderon, NM Educator Ethics Bureau; for his part in the botched "investigation";
off scot-free.

Beth Everitt; off scot-free.

Nelinda Venegas, and Susie Peck; off scot-free.

Miguel Acosta, and Teresa Cordova; off scot-free.

The only person to suffer any consequence at all;
Elsy Fierro, publicly accused of gross ethical misconduct,
guilty or no,
and then denied the opportunity to clear her name.

This is so bad for stakeholders;
so wrong,
and so just like the corrupt leadership of the APS
and the NMPED.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

APS Administration keeps acting like it never happened before. It has, just never got caught before. And will it happen again, even with all the new and improved quidelines in place. You can count on it! There is a big, fat, juicy loophole, with directonal arrows all painted on.