Friday, November 17, 2006

Secret board election

Three school board seats are up for grabs in February.

One of the editors told me that they would start paying attention to candidates after filing day. Filing day is I believe December 19th.

A great disservice is done by waiting until after filing day. What it means is that political discourse will not take place before filing day. Perhaps when stakeholders find out that Leonard DeLayo, Miguel Acosta, and Robert Lucero are among board members who refuse to hold themselves honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct; someone might be motivated to run against them; somebody who is willing to hold themself honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct.

And if the APS Leadership, Modrall, the Journal and the Tribune; don't want to talk about this now; what makes you think they will talk about it ever? The longer they wait the worse it looks. And the more it needs to stay secret.

Maybe this will be the first stealth election. Talk about voter fraud.

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