Tuesday, November 28, 2006

APS Leadership dodges accountability; as a matter of course.

The Leadership of the APS has a statewide reputation for dodging accountability. This fact is routinely acknowledged every time taxpayers are asked to support education with new taxes. Governor Richardson referred in an op-ed piece before the Sepember bond issue, to a persuasive argument that these eight individuals have “a long history of dodging accountability when it comes to managing (their) finances and modernizing schools.” Voters are asked to think of the students and their needs; and not to think about their misgivings about the men and women whom they must trust with their money.

APS Leaders would like to continue to dodge accountability for their past.

Before the school tax vote next February 6th, voters will be asked to think about the maintenance needs of aging and dilapidated school houses. Again voters will be asked not to hold children accountable for the sins of APS Administrators and Board Members.

And for at least the third election in a row, the Leadership of the Albuquerque Public Schools will dodge accountability for the administrative corruption and incompetence that wastes so many tax dollars. It will not be a ballot issue, it will not even be discussed.

For ten board meetings in a row, APS Leaders have been asked to hold themselves honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct. Their response is to stonewall. They just ignore the question. And then the broadcast version of the school board meeting is deliberately edited to remove their response; to misrepresent the truth; to avoid accountability.

The issue of the lack of accountability in the APS, should be part of the political discourse. It should effect decisions around the December 19th Filing Day for School Board candidates.

It will not. It will not because APS, Modrall, the Journal, and the Tribune are agreed that it will not be made public.

In whose interests?

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