Thursday, November 02, 2006

APS Leadership Disgraces Itself Yet Again

For at least the eighth time in as many meetings of the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education, the Board and Superintendent were asked, Are you willing to hold yourselves honestly accountable to the same standard of conduct that you enforce upon students, or, explain why you will not?

Perhaps out of shame, perhaps in simple arrogance, their eyes and attention immediately shifted to the paperwork on the table before them. During the next two minutes of deafening silence, unable to meet the eyes of a single member of the standing room only audience, they fiddled with the imaginary task of sorting their paperwork.

For the at least the eighth time they have renounced their obligation as the senior role models for the District’s 6,000 employees and 98,000 students. Students are required to model and promote the Pillars of Character Counts, a widely recognized, accepted and respected code of ethics. The Board has eliminated accountability for itself even to their recently lowered Employee Standards of Conduct; because they are “not really employees”.

And for the eighth time this disgraceful display by the stewards of hundreds of millions of tax dollars will not be reported by the Albuquerque Journal or Tribune, which together have refused to investigate or report upon the APS Ethics Scandal, even through the elections of board members and a 350 million dollar bond issue.


Anonymous said...

What about your ethics when you were doing inappropriate things with students at Hoover MS?????

ched macquigg said...
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ched macquigg said...
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ched macquigg said...

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Dear "Anonymous",

I did nothing inappropriate with any student at Hoover Middle School.

That to which you refer, was simply an effort to distroy my reputation and credibility. It was totally unsubstantiated. I am more than willing to subject myself to polygraphy over anything that I have done, said, will say or will do.

That is more than any adminstrator is willing to do- Principal Wayne Knight has already declined polygraphy.

If you've any interest in the truth, you have simply to file a public records request with APS Custodian of Public Records, Rigo Chavez. The request will be refused because the records substantiate all of my claims and none of theirs. I have already passed one polygraph, and I will submit again to polygraphy regarding any allegation that I have ever made, and has been made against me.

At that point I will accept your apology for continuing the disgraceful and unwarranted slander on my reputation and character, Mr/Ms "Anonymous"!! In the mean time, Shame on you!