Thursday, November 16, 2006

Journal and Trib play down board elections

On February 6, 2007, voters will make a decision on another school tax issue. A Journal reader would think that was the only election that day. No mention that on the same day, voters will decide who they must trust with that money.

One of the most often heard criticisms about the Leadership of the APS is that they can’t handle money, and that they dodge accountability. These are germane issues. They should be part of the political discourse.

In the last bond issue election, we had public leaders begging us to give the money to kids for classrooms and forget about the issues with the current leadership’s administration of our schools. And I told you then; they were going to ask you to do the same thing again this spring.

No. Not this time.

This time an issue will be made of public servants and the terms of their in-servitude. This time an issue will be made of honest accountability to a meaningful standard of conduct.

The APS axis and the newspapers won't talk about the scandal. It would be bad for the three sitting board members, and it might unfortunately be bad for a worthy tax maintain schools. Why are we always compelled to give money to people we can’t trust, because we have no other choice if we want to maintain our children’s schools?

The Journal and the Tribune should be reporting on the APS ethics scandal. Their refusal is not in the best interests of people who expect them to tell them the truth.

Voters are absolutely dependent upon the media for information to guide their voting. If only for that reason, they obligated to tell the truth.

By refusing to cover the issues, the Journal and Trib are manipulating voter’s choices on taxes; and on those who they must trust to spend them in the interests of education.

If this scandal were honestly covered, there wouldn’t be three board seats on the line, there would be seven.

How can you let someone who refuses to be held honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct, sit on a school board for even one day longer than you absolutely must?

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or for that matter in any elected office.