Thursday, January 14, 2016

Roper's KOAT lied about APS Bond Issue and Mill Levy

 Anchor Doug Fernandez
koat image
If you go to KOAT's website
and search for "APS bond issue
mill levy" you won't find any
record that Doug Fernandez
told viewers last night, that
the proposed bond issue and
mill levy will "not raise taxes."

That statement is deliberately
misleading; ergo it is a lie.

Anyone who says; passage of the APS bond issue and mill levy will not raise taxes is a liar.

Buck stops on Roper's desk.
A lie is told when someone
intends to create beliefs or
leave impressions that are
untrue or misleading.

This isn't an innocent mistake.
KOAT and owner and General
Manager Mary Lynn Roper
are deliberately misleading
their viewer voters.

Let's look at the facts.

Over the last few years, voters have approved a number of school bond issues and mill levies in support of APS and the local heavy construction industry and economy.

As a result, they are paying taxes to pay off the bonds and pay the mill levy.

For the sake of discussion; let's say the tax load is $250 a year.  When the bonds are paid off and when the mill levy expires, the tax load drops to zero; tax payers owe no taxes.

If voters approve the bond issue and mill levy (at the same tax rate), the tax load goes up from zero to $250 a year.  The math is pretty straightforward.
  • taxes before election                   $250
  • taxes upon rejection by voters    $0
  • taxes upon passage                     $250
Taxes go up if the bond issue and mill levy pass; pure and simple.  Any other interpretation is purely semantic and serves no good and ethical purpose except to mislead.

The real truth is; passing the bond issue and mill levy will raise taxes and to imply otherwise is dishonest.

Nevertheless,  KOAT, APS and Journal are all still using the word taxes instead of tax rate.  The wrong terminology is intended to create the belief that taxes won't go up if the bond issue and mill levy are approved.

Bottom line, they could just come right out and say;
passing the bond issue will continue taxes that would otherwise expire, but at the same tax rate.
But they chose otherwise.
cc upon post, with demand for a correction

photo Mark Bralley 

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