Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bob Clark and KKOB break free!

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KKOB broke from the Kabal this morning when Morning Show host Bob Clark began the first dedicated public discussion (of which I am aware) of the upcoming APS school bond issue and mill levy elections.  And in which, deliberate attention was paid to the (lack of good) "stewardship" of the leadership of the APS. And further even, to the part their (lack of good) stewardship should rightfully play in voting for or against the bond issue and mill levy.

"Stewardship" until today has been the third rail in what little discussion there has been in the establishment's media, of the elections.

I took advantage of the opportunity to call in and propose support of the bond issue and mill levy, but only if the leadership of the APS presented a candid, forthright and honest report on the ethics, standards and accountability that apply to them while they spend our resources and wield the power (our power) that accompanies the spending.

APS School Board Member Peggy Muller Aragon called in, speaking to, among other things, the twin issues of stewardship and transparent accountability.  She conceded the board's lack of good stewardship in the past.

Good stewardship is characterized by
  • honest to God accountability to 
  • higher standards of conduct than the law. 
The record of the stewardship of the APS is of
  • hit or miss accountability even to
  • the law; the lowest standards of conduct acceptable among civilized human beings.

photo Mark Bralley

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