Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lest Berry's blogger ban go unnoticed and unreported.

It appears that the no bloggers allowed sign in the Roundhouse was hung by a prankster or idiot, and not by anyone in an official capacity.  The dust has yet to settle.

In the meantime, Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry makes no bones about his aversion to bloggers, and his no bloggers allowed approach to press conferences.

PIO Breanne Anderson  told us;
The mayor would be happy to inform
bloggers about the pressers that have
taken place already, but not about the
ones about to take place.
Bloggers looking for "credentials" from the mayor, will be told by an underling that they lack the credentials to be given credentials.

As a class, bloggers are denied respect as members of "the press" and entitled to exercise freely, their Constitutionally protected human right to be the press.

River City Mayor Berry
Some blogger can of course, sue Berry;
he with access to all of the lawyers and legal weaselry that money and power can buy.

Likely, it won't change anything.

photo Mark Bralley

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