Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Journal bias front page news

In the Journal this morning, link, a report on a city police officer who used a secure federal database criminally.

Whoever it is at the Journal who decides which stories are printed on the front page, back page, or no page at all, decided this morning that the felony abuse of the NCIC, link, and the inconsequential consequences were newsworthy enough for front page status; albeit lower right corner.  That, or the Journal prints a front page based on other than the newsworthiness of the reports.

That same editor is aware, or remains willfully ignorant of the fact that an APS senior administrator did exactly the same thing; felony criminal abuse of a federal database, and that the consequences were even less consequential; a retirement with honors party.

That same editor is aware, or remains willfully ignorant

  • of the fact that the only criminal investigation of the felony criminal misconduct was conducted by APS' own police force; a publicly funded private police force, and
  • of the fact that testimony and evidence of felony criminal misconduct was never turned over to the DA's officer for prosecution, and
  • of the fact that the leadership of the APS, to this day is spending operational dollars (in secret, without limit and, without real oversight) on litigation and legal weaselry in order to keep the public records of findings of investigations they conducted, secret from public knowledge without ever having to justify their need to keep the truth secret from stake and interest holders.
That same editor is unaccountable to any standards of conduct and competence that prohibit them from being complicit in the cover up of a cover up of felony criminal misconduct.

For lack of another editor to hold
accountable; we will assume that
the buck rightly falls on the desk
of Editor in Chief Kent Walz.

photo Mark Bralley

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