Tuesday, January 12, 2016

APS' Raquel Reedy promoted from "Interim" to Superintendent

On APS' award winning website, please find, link, a public relations piece that begins;

"Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent Raquel Reedy is ..."
Not Interim Superintendent ..., but Superintendent.

aps photo
Was this a slip of the tongue missed
that slipped past shoddy editing?

If it was that, flowed from what
everyone in the know already
Raquel Reedy is the
the Superintendent
of the APS.

APS Chief of Police Steve Tellez
covered up his own corruption
and incompetence and destroyed
public records of his guilt. To this
day, APS (taxpayers) are paying
for litigation and legal weaselry
in the board's continuing effort
to hide the truth from voters and
other stake and interest holders.
This would not be the first time a senior administrator has been promoted in secret.

The last time they did it (of which I am aware) was when they promoted a corrupt and incompetent "interim" chief of police to Chief of Police.

It was his reward for his part in covering up the cover up of felony criminal misconduct that he and the leadership of APS' publicly funded private police force, were involved in.

  • When the board does decide to promote Reedy, they will do it in a meeting in secret.  They will not record the meeting.  
  • When they evaluate their superintendent, they will do that as well, in meetings in secret.  
  • When they give her, her raises and golden parachutes, they will do it in meetings in secret;
in meetings they will never record.

photo Mark Bralley

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