Thursday, January 28, 2016

Somebody should do something!

We understand the problem well enough.

We have lost control of our government.

We haven't even command of the truth
about how our power is being wielded and
about how our resources are being spent.

Before we can walk into a public meeting
we have to prove, in court often,
our right to be there.

Before we can inspect a public record,
we have to prove, in court often,
our right to inspect it.

Any more time clarifying the problem happens at the expense of solving it.  It is essentially time wasted.

The time is for solution, and
somebody should do something*

*By which it is usually meant;
Somebody else should do something.

We need to gather, those of us of all ideologies that include
transparent accountability to the highest standards 
of conduct and competence within public service,
and craft a solution.

Someone needs to find a space; electronic and brick and mortar where we can meet.  The space needs to accommodate all persons desiring to attend in person or on line.

Someone needs to figure out a way to enable meaningful participation by all persons desiring. Their first decision; deciding how meaningful participation in decision making will be enabled, and then, deciding how decisions will be made;

Someone needs to figure out who will sit around the facilitated round table discussion of what can be done to regain control over power and resources belonging fundamentally to the people. 

Eventually, a solution will emerge.

Someone will need to craft the solution into a bill; a new Governmental Conduct Act.  The new Act will provide honest to God accountability the highest standards of conduct and competence for politicians and public servants within their public service.

A new Governmental Conduct Act that will lift government in New Mexico from the bottom of the list to the top.  
Imagine; "New Mexico" as the result of
a Google search for;
"sterling examples of government wherein 
there is transparent accountability to the 
highest standards of conduct and competence".
That search currently produces about two and a half million hits;
"New Mexico" is not among them.

A whole bunch of someones, will need to walk the new Governmental Conduct Act into the Roundhouse/  There, to divide the house.  On the one side there will be standing, politicians and public servants willing to be held honestly accountable to the highest standards of conduct and competence within their public service.  On the other side of the room, if they aren't in hiding, those politicians and public servants who would rather not.

And a decision will be made;
New Mexico will move to the top of the list or
stay at the bottom for the foreseeable future.

Someone needs to do something quick;
before it's too late to do anything at all.

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