Sunday, January 03, 2016

Journal investigative reporter Cole didn't ask ...

In the Journal this morning, link, Journal investigative reporter Thomas Cole, began the unraveling of the APS education litigation complex; the spending of millions and millions of dollars in the best interests of school board members and senior administrators.

Cole decided, or was directed, to investigate back one year. Twelve years is more justifiable; thirteen if you include K in the number of years that primary stakeholders; students in the APS, feel the impact of that kind of waste, fraud and abuse.

It's a shame that Cole's investigation didn't include chatting with me.  He was doing an "investigation" supposedly, of the board's stewardship over the operational fund and the draining of that fund into defense lawyers' bank accounts.

If Cole had asked me; hey, as a recent victim of APS spending on cost-is-no-object legal defenses in search of "admissions of no guilt", do have anything interesting to add?

I would have added; did you know that when the large bore pipeline from the operational budget to Modrall coffers was being laid, the President of the Modrall and the President of the School Board were married to each other?

Did you know that Paula Maes is the President and CEO of the New Mexico Broadcasters Association and likely the impetus for the local affiliate stations' (KRQE, KOAT, and KOB TV) complicity in the cover up of the standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS.

Cole might have said; gee, that seems far fetched.

And I would have asked him;

How else do you explain why KOAT owner and General Manager Mary Lynn Roper has yet to inform her viewers in the least, about the treasure APS and Esquivel have squandered?


photo w/o credit
How else would you explain why KRQE News Director Iain Munro offered slanted coverage while refusing to disclose that Esquivel is his lawyer?

kob photo
How else would you explain why KOB TV News Director Michelle Donaldson buried Stu Dyson's report?

Cole might have thought, wow!

He might have scurried off to
talk to the boss Kent Walz
about exposing a "K"abal
trying to manipulate the outcome of an election.

Right, expose a cover up
in which we play the lead
role!?  Are you crazy?
At which point, Cole's
investigation would have
come to a screeching halt.

photos Mark Bralley

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