Wednesday, January 06, 2016

KRQE, Iain Munro guilty of SPJ Code of Ethics violations

photo w/o credit
KRQE and their news director Iain Munro are just as guilty as the Journal and Kent Walz of Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics violations.

Munro and KRQE refuse still, to disclose that Marty Esquivel, who directly benefited from KRQE's unethical coverage of the $863K settlement of complaints over Esquivel's violations of my civil rights, works for them; he is their lawyer.  That and the myriad additional violations outlined in my letter to Journal managing editor Karen Moses, link.

KOAT and their owner and general manager Mary Lynn Roper are as guilty or more.  KOAT is yet to even report that the APS school board negligently allowed or knowingly permitted Marty Esquivel to obligate the board, the district, and taxpayers to the largest settlement of its kind in the history of the United States.

kob photo
KOB TV and their news director Michelle Donaldson are just as guilty of misinforming or failing to inform altogether, the democracy, even in the face of an election over the school board's stewardship of another half a billion dollars.

Roper's photo, Mark Bralley

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