Monday, January 11, 2016

Interim APS CFO Tami Coleman; "There always will be areas in need of improvement"

From the Journal, link, a report on "findings" in the most recent of audits of APS financials.  "Findings" are bad things; they are the findings of something done wrong or not done at all.

Tami Coleman is the Interim APS Chief Financial Officer.

Coleman has been with APS for at least as long as the leadership of the APS has been spending hand over fist on fortifying and remodeling "the twins" amid wild cost over runs and seemingly endless standards and accountability failures.

Once promising tax savings; the twins quickly became a money pit.

With respect to the many shortcomings in APS financial stewardship; Coleman told the Journal;
"There always will be areas in need of improvement"
Really?  APS has been in business for more than a century.  They've had a hundred years to come up with sound financial practices and solid accountability to them.

How much longer do we need to wait?

Coleman told the Journal, she;
... appreciates the audits because they give the district guidance to perform better.
Apparently not.

  • “There always will be areas in need of improvement,” 
  • “We have a lot of people working here and people make mistakes.”
Isn't that precisely what supervision is supposed keep in check?  Isn't that what effective oversight is supposed to prevent?

Colman noted; that APS has reduced its number of audit findings dramatically over the past decade. but according to Coleman;
"There always will be areas in need of improvement"
I guess we can all pretty much agree on that one at least.

photo Mark Bralley

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