Thursday, January 07, 2016

Journal and the "K"abal continue to cover for APS and Esquivel

Former APS School Board Member Marty Esquivel violated the law; not just the law; the Constitution of the United States.

He violated my civil rights when he had me arrested during my public forum presentation.  He further violated my civil rights when he banned me from public forums for life; or until I stopped criticizing him by name.

Nothing else matters.  Nothing else I did or didn't, matters. The judge considered all of Marty Esquivel's "evidence" and ruled that he violated my civil rights.  It's done; stick a fork in it.

There is a story yet to be covered; yet to be investigated and reported upon.

The story now, is about who spent how much on what and how they got away with it for so long.

Esquivel, who is known as a
First Amendment expert and a
NM FOG Dixon Award winner,
does not want on his record;
a conviction for violating my
First Amendment rights.

So he mounted a defense that
finally cost taxpayers $863,000.
The settlement, $575,000, is the
largest of its kind, in the history
of the United States.

His defense was as non-viable on the day it was mounted as the judge found it to be, three quarters of a million dollars later, in two court rulings.

The story here is not about Esquivel.   It isn't about the court rulings; though one of them guarantees that a citizen who stands up at a public forum to criticize individual board members by name, cannot be arrested by APS' publicly funded private police force for so doing.

It isn't even about the trust and treasure he squandered in defense of his ego.

The story is that the board let him do it.   The Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education
  • knowingly permitted or
  • negligently allowed Esquivel to spend in his own interests; without limit and without oversight.  I will bow of course, to controverting evidence.

"Knowingly permitting"
Esquivel to spend a million dollars on litigation
and legal weaselry in defense of his ego
would be an example of the board's poor stewardship.

"Negligently allowing"
Esquivel to spend a million dollars on litigation
and legal weaselry in defense of his ego
would be an example of the board's poor stewardship.

For that matter, that the board also negligently allowed or knowingly permitted Don Moya to spend $850,000 remodeling his own office* (according to the Journal) is evidence of poor stewardship.  *Whether all the money was spent on his office alone, or spent fortifying and remodeling the top floor of the twins, is a distinction without a difference; either is an example of the board's poor stewardship over taxpayers hard earned dollars.

That they "can't find the records" of who spent, how much, on what, is the last straw.

If the best indicator of future performance is current and past performance, then examples of the board's inability to protect public power and resources from abuse, is important information to voters and to the democracy.

The Journal and the local Kabal of NMBA affiliates have decided that the stewardship of the board over the people's trust and treasure, will not be an issue in the upcoming bond issue and mill levy election.

Neither voters nor the democracy will be told about stewardship failures.  They will not be told about ethics, standards and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS, that provokes and enables the relentless stewardship failures.

The school board, the local construction industry and, their friends in the media (KRQE, KOAT, and KOB TV) are afraid that if voters know the truth, they'll vote no in the upcoming bond issue and mill levy election.

Kent Walz, and the Kabal; Iain Munro, Michelle Donaldson and Mary Lynn Roper

Journal Editor in Chief Kent Walz, and the Kabal; KRQE News Director Iain Munro, KOB TV News Director Michelle Donaldson and, KOAT owner and General Manager Mary Lynn Roper have decided that APS' executive and administrative standards and accountability crisis is not newsworthy in an election season.

They get away with it because they too, are actually and honestly unaccountable to any meaningful standards of conduct and competence.

Walz and Roper photos Mark Bralley
Munro photo no credit, 
Donaldson photo KOB

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