Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yet another OMA Violation by NM FOG VP Esquivel

APS' Executive Director of Board Services and Government Affairs Brenda Yager has testified under oath;

APS School Board President and open government expert Marty Esquivel had her take a vote off of the public record, soliciting board members support for his banning letter.  She testified I believe, that she had contacted "all" of the board members, and that they all voted in approval.

Former Board Member David Robbins once said the same thing; the entire board had approved the letter.

The information was compiled off the record, lest some "knucklehead" seek them out later by means of the Inspection of Public Records Act.

It is illegal for the APS School Board to vote in secret on anything.

Why did Esquivel take a vote off the record and in manifest violation of the Open Meetings Act?

We will never know, because it his policy to not answer questions about his conduct and competence.  And because it is his policy to station his Praetorian Guard; people with badges and guns, a publicly funded private police force, in between him and anyone who might insist that he do.

And because it is his crony Journal
Managing Editor Kent Walz' policy
to not ask him to answer questions
like that anyway.

photos Mark Bralley

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