Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Albuquerque Journal to survey APS teachers

Journal Managing Editor Kent Walz intends to take full advantage of the nearly 100,000 years of teaching experience  shared by APS teachers,
by means of a survey.

He will survey teachers and provide for them, an opportunity to respond candidly, forthrightly and honestly to questions about what is keeping nearly half of students from acquiring a top notch education.

He will give them an opportunity to respond without fear of retaliation.

On that same day;

  • pigs will fly,
  • fish will speak,
  • rocks won't sink,
  • snakes will smoke,
  • frogs will grow hair,
  • hell will freeze over,
  • chickens will grow teeth,
  • fish will climb poplar trees,
  • grapes will grow on willows,
  • the sun will rise in the west,
  • white crows will fly upside down,
  • crayfish will whistle on the mountain, and
monkeys will fly out of my ass.

Adynatons; wikilink

photo ched macquigg
Submitted to Journal Letters to the Editors upon posting,
who then thanked me taking the time to share my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

And on that same day all my special education students will ace the SBA given, not on their instructional level, but on their grade level!

Well done Ched!