Friday, September 20, 2013

KRQE exposes Brooks' character

KRQE's recent coverage, link, of the spat between the leadership of the APS and the city, over a proposed loop drive around Jefferson Middle School, produced a couple of nuggets and insight into the character of APS Supt Winston Brooks.

KRQE reporter Tina Jensen, link, gave Brooks the opportunity to respond to an email she was given in which it appears Jefferson staff were encouraged to allow a traffic jam in support of a presser that Brooks was holding at the end of school.

In the email, the assistant principal tells staff, -"If you are (on) duty in the front today, please do not worry about traffic support."
Jensen reported that when she challenged Brooks with the email, "... Brooks denied the district was trying to make the traffic situation look worse for the media.
"I guess that's one way to read this," Brooks said. "The other way to read it is that, you know, instead of traffic support today, be present for the press conference.
Why would that be any more acceptable as a justification to endanger students?

Why would taking staff off student safety assignments in order to create a crowd for a press conference be any better or different than pulling them off their assignment in order to create a traffic jam?
“It's really sad that we are sacrificing kids’ safety ..." said Brooks.
For once, Brooks and I
are in total agreement.

photo Mark Bralley

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