Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Journal editorial board meets with Brooks and Winter

In a Journal story, link, a couple of days ago, an editorial board meeting was mentioned;

"APS Superintendent Winston Brooks and APS chief operations officer Brad Winter said during a Journal editorial board meeting Monday that ..."
I have know idea what "editorial board meeting" means at Journal headquarters.  The Wikipedia, wikilink, suggests there was a meeting of the editors and the leadership of the APS, in order that the editors can determine the tone and direction the publication's editorial policy will take.  In this case, the editorial tone and direction on the subject of the traffic loop at Jefferson Middle School.

OK, I can't help but wonder the subject of the editorial tone
and direction on the ethics and accountability scandal in the 
leadership of the APS came up.

I am wondering if there was a single editor who said;
"we owe the people the truth" or words to that effect.

Or maybe I'm just watching too much Newsroom, link.

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