Thursday, September 26, 2013

APS Modrall Melendres making stuff up

From the deposition and sworn testimony of APS Lead Counsel Arthur "Art" Melendres of the Modrall;

Q.  Have you seen him (me) do anything violent to anyone?

A.  I have personally not seen him do anything.  I have seen his agitated behavior, but it has been reported to me that he has pushed and shoved people, and got in their face, but this only reported to me.  You would have to ask others about the specifics.(emphasis added)
Interestingly enough, both APS Supt Winston Brooks and APS Chief of Police Steve Tellez were asked about the specifics and, testified under oath that they had no reports of me actually touching anyone.  No one does; I never did.

Chatter among the leadership of the APS via emails and texts; they all want to file a criminal complaint against me, or that, they want to get a restraining order against me. They all agree, unfortunately they can't until I actually batter someone.  And here they are, with supposedly just the evidence they're looking for, and Melendres doesn't share it.

So either Tellez and Brooks are lying; they had reports of me actually battering someone but denied under oath, having seen or heard of them.  Despite that they both were dying to have one, these (several) did not fill the bill somehow?

Could it be; Melendres is just making up crap? 
He is the only witness among them all, to testify into the record that, he had knowledge of reports of actual batteries; multiple batteries.

So here he is, their lead counsel, knowing they're crying for something real to use against me; he hears about something real, some misconduct that would justify a real restraining order to replace the banning letter, and doesn't tell them.

How much did that legal advice cost taxpayers?

He also testified to an internal investigation of the APS Police whose finding had missing pages.
Q.  Have you read any other documents in this case, in preparation for today's hearing?

A.  Yes, I asked Ms. Andi Trybus -- Andrea Trybus, if she would provide me with a copy of an investigation that was done relating to MR. Gil Lovato, and she did that.  And I -- how do you describe this?  Maybe to say I perused it, or I speed-read it.
Here are the investigative findings of an investigation of felony criminal misconduct, the production of which is part of this litigation, and he sped-read them on our behalf?

Did speed bill us for his speed-reading? 

There is his testimony that he advised them to document things;
Q.  You didn't think to bring that (... the need for a governmental entity to crate a proper record ...)up during the course of giving advice?

A. I've given advice on the subject, but I've given advice on many, many subjects.

Q.  Does that mean this it wasn't followed?

A.  No, it doesn't mean it wasn't followed.  I'm telling you, I don't know. ... I do training sessions on documentation.  I can't disagree with you. 
He continues;
And I was told by Mr. Allen (their lawyer), in connection with that investigation, that the police -- or the investigative report had some missing pages(emphasis added)  And so I did, on my own, follow up with a gentleman by the name of Carl Wiese, W-I-E-S-E, and I asked him if he still had a copy of the report, because he's the individual who had it.
He responded yes, and he said he would send it to me, and he did.  And I will tell you that I did essentially the same thing, which was to peruse it.
And again, speed bill us?

photo Mark Bralley


ched macquigg said...

"anonymous" whom I believe to be H Wayne Knight, wrote that he thinks I'm a bully.

I think he is worse.

The former State Supreme Court Chief Justice who listened to Knight's sworn testimony, concluded that he lacked credibility in the face on contradicting testimony from any other witness.

He regarded the Pillars of Character Counts! as a "mallet" and abandoned any personal accountability to them, though he was the senior-most role model on site, for hundreds students of students and staff.

I did not publish his comment.

I am under no obligation to publish his rants.

He violated my rules regarding his "right" to comment on my posts and therefore I have revoked his privilege to comment. He is banned until he;

1. admits that he has broken my rules and,

2. satisfies me that he will never break my rules again and,

3. knows that if he ever does break my rules again, he will be banned forever.

Oh and,

He cannot follow my rules and therefore, he must be crazy.

He is stalking me. He is harassing me. He is trying to intimidate me. He violating my personal status and he is an APS senior administrator.

In fairness to H Wayne Knight, "anonymous" could be someone else, masquerading as H; someone inordinately interested in pestering me and sounding like Wayne. We converse, he has never actually denied my surmise.

ched macquigg said...

"space" he is violating my personal "space"

ched macquigg said...

The troll I believe to be H Wayne Knight stopped by to whine some more.

He writes, why are you scared to allow dissent?

I'm not, and if he ever comes up with any, I will publish and refute or rebut it.

He says he doesn't care if I publish his comments - I don't if he cares.

He is a schlub looking for a purpose in life and can't make it past internet troll. He is beyond pathetic.