Friday, September 13, 2013

Board to meet in secret to evaluate Brooks

The APS School Board will meet in secret this morning, link, to evaluate Superintendent Winston Brooks' "Progress for the District."

Past practice is; after a meeting like this, the board votes to re-inflate Brooks' golden parachute for another year.  The value of Brooks' parachute fluctuates between $1M and $1.25M.

Some part of Brooks' evaluation should be considered in secret for a variety of good and ethical reasons.  The rest should take place in public for as many and more good and ethical reasons.

The fact is, no part of his evaluation will take place in public.  No effort will be made to gather data from interest holders in the APS; no forums, no surveys, no nothin'.

Brooks, School Board President Marty Esquivel and the gang think everyone else, teachers included, are just too damn ignorant to offer any useful input.

Teachers between them, have around 100,000 years of current and ongoing teaching experience.  Most hold advanced degrees and national certifications.  Not one of them has been asked to evaluate their boss.

All of which comes as no surprise to even one of them.

photos Mark Bralley

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