Thursday, September 26, 2013

Trybus' actual words

From APS Assist Supt of Human Resources Andrea "Andi" Trybus' sworn testimony in deposition;

Q.  So my final question then is, do you have any recollection of APS police conducting its own investigation related to Mr. Lovato?

A.  I have no information that they did.

Q.  As the human resources -- as the head of human resources for APS, is it correct that the report that was prepared in relation to Mr. Lovato is a matter of opinion that is in Mr. Lovato's personnel file?

A.  It is a matter of opinion, yes, it is.

Q. ...

A.  Because it is an internal investigation, and the practice is not to release them.
If the APS Police force did not investigate itself (they claim they did, despite Trybus' denial) then no agency of law enforcement ever investigated anything, and all the evidence is internal and not for release; even to the District Attorney.

No heads will roll.

photo Mark Bralley

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