Monday, September 23, 2013

Brooks' knowledge of corruption "sketchy"

APS Supt Winston Brooks was testifying under oath during his deposition.  He was being asked questions about the public corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS Police force; the scandal that created the vacancy that he filled.

When asked;
As the superintendent, are you aware of the circumstances that let to Mr. Lovato's departure from the APS?

Brooks replied;
It is sketchy.

Brooks should have more than a "sketchy" command of the facts.
He is willfully ignorant or mind numbingly incompetent.

"Mr. Lovato" is Gil Lovato, the APS Chief of Police who was exposed in a Journal investigation, six years ago, link.

At the time, Steve Tellez was Deputy Chief of the APS Police.  If he was unaware of the corruption and incompetence swirling around him he was incompetent.  If he had guilty knowledge, which he most certainly did, he was corrupt.

The leadership of the APS put Lovato on paid leave, and promoted Tellez to Acting Chief.  They put the Deputy Chief in overall charge of investigating the corruption he should have known about and acted upon.

APS Supt at the time, Beth Everitt couldn't weather the storm and was sent packing.  Her departure created the vacancy that Winston Brooks filled, literally only months after the scandal was exposed and while investigations were still underway.

The APS wanted to fire Lovato, but Lovato let them know that if he ever got to court, he would spill his guts; his testimony would not leave a single senior APS administrator left standing.

The only agency of government that has ever investigated the felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators has been APS.

Tellez now claims the criminal investigation conducted by APS police, disappeared when an interim Chief Bill Reed left APS.

Recently, Brooks promoted Tellez to Chief.  He did it in secret and without interviewing a single other applicant.

Q.  In other words, did you seek applications (for the Chief of Police opening)?
A. No, we did not.

... we had a number of people from Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office, and the APD, that (sic) inquired about the job ...

Q. Why did you make Chief Tellez and acting chief of police?
A.  ... it seemed to me that the timing was off and we really needed to get somebody in there pretty quick.
Brooks promoted the guy who should have reported the corruption and did not, to Chief of Police.  A Chief whose prime directive is; keep MacQuigg from getting a hold of the public records of felony corruption in the leadership of the APS, even if you have to defame him, even if you have to scare administrators and board members out of their minds.

Journal Managing Editor Walz
He gets away with it because of establishment media and their relentless refusal to investigate and report upon an ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

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