Thursday, September 05, 2013

Brad Winter joins APS' merry band of liars

Updated; below
APS COO Brad Winter has reason to retaliate against me; I have published a number of posts regarding his unwillingness to offer a candid, forthright and honest accounting of spending at 6400 Uptown Blvd.

I have filed a complaint against him over that failure, link.

And he has retaliated, by filing a false affidavit under penalty of perjury.  The setting is the August 25, 2010 Audit Committee meeting.  Mark Bralley and I had been expelled consequent to a decision made in blatant violation of the Open Meetings Act, link.  And now, suddenly, it appears that more than three years later, Winter has finally remembered that I "threatened" him that day. 

His affidavit reads in significant part;

I was standing near the entrance of the room as Plaintiff left the room.  There was plenty of room for plaintiff to pass by me without invading my personal space.
However, Plaintiff walked up to me and deliberately entered my personal space, coming within inches of my face, and whispering (sic) something to me.
I could not understand what Plaintiff whispered, but I took his invasion of my personal space as a threat.
I did not come within inches of Brad Winter's face for the same reason I don't come within inches of the faces of any one of these people during any meeting - they might make up some crap about me "invading their personal space".

In the entire time, years and years, that they claim I've been invading their personal spaces, not one shred of evidence that I ever have, has ever been produced;  not one photograph, not one spec of videotape.

I did not whisper in his ear.

I spoke out loud to him.  I was standing outside the room at the time.  He closed the distance between us.  I could not have closed the distance without reentering the room, which I did not, for obvious reasons.

Having closed the distance between us himself, he ordered me to leave the room (or words to that effect) and I pointed out to him, I was in fact standing in the hallway and not in the room (or words to that effect).

The proof about whether I invaded his space or he mine, would be in the form of security camera footage of the hallway outside the DeLayo Martin Room.

The tape has been deliberately destroyed by APS.
  • Just like the tape they claim they had of me sneaking into a side door. 
  • Just like the videotape they would have of me "assuming a fighting stance" in front of then Deputy Supt Tom Savage, had I done that.
  • Just like the videotape of me "assuming a fighting stance" in front of APS Supt Winston Brooks, had I done that.

Imagine that.

Update; in an email that Marty Esquivel assumed would be kept secret from prying eyes but wasn't, he wrote about my conduct at the Audit Committee Meeting;  MacQuigg was
"... standing outside the meeting room at the threshold of the door and saying he was "outside".
Now if Esquivel could hear me say that, from 10 or 15 feet away, and in a noisy room, how can Winter seriously expect anyone to believe I whispered it in his ear too faintly for even him to hear?

And if we can't believe him on that, why should anyone believe him when he says I closed on him, rather than he on me?  Or anything else he says?

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Luckily you didn't graze his face for I think you may have suffered damage to yours from his "Shark Skinned" Mug.

Anonymous said...

Wow I never knew that you were trained in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)? I never would have guessed that you were as dangerous as they have made you out to be.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Winter is a dirty as they come around APS. He is a power hungry politician who will do whatever he has to do to keep his pompous screw face in power whether that be in politics, APS, or the Media. I hope the public finds out who this character is before his next song and dance in NM politics.

Anonymous said...

You are a bully, Ched. And you will never face it. You are truly a sick, sick person and a danger to society. In time, you will get your comeuppance and it will be entirely your own fault. Until that day we can only marvel at your systemic idiocy and blowhard righteousness. I have never witnessed a more stubborn fool in action in my life.
Your rants have nothing to do with the well being of children. They have to do with the fact that you have never, ever been in a position of authority and you resent those who are. You don't have what it takes to be a leader. It's so obvious that it is laughable.
The people accusing you of harassment are heroes and they speak for others who have suffered your buffoonery and abuse.
It's not them Ched. It's you. You are the problem.
Might I suggest a seasoned therapist who will spend a couple of years with you to help you see the truth?

ched macquigg said...

The above comment was written I believe, by H Wayne Knight. He is often awake in the middle of the night reading my blog and then making offensive comments. That he continues to (try to) post anonymously speaks to his own (lack of) character and courage.

The only thing people need to know about H Wayne Knight is that after a former NM State Supreme Court Chief Justice listened to him testify for awhile during my arbitration, he concluded Wayne lacked credibility in the face of contradictory testimony from any other witness .

Nearly the entire staff at Hoover Middle School rose against him in his inability to enforce student discipline at even the most fundamental level.

It is not surprising that he regards Brad Winter, Winston Brooks, Steve Tellez and Monica Armenta as his heroes. He is, or should be, endlessly grateful to them for giving him a "job" in the castle keep where he doesn't suffer evaluation from anyone whose ass he can't kiss all day long.

He also, was unable to produce a single piece of real evidence to support even one of his unfounded allegations.

Note that nowhere in his lengthy diatribe has he answered a single one of the questions I ask that annoy his heroes so much; the most important of which is; why won't he explain, in words a student can understand, why he can expect children to hold themselves honestly accountable as models of ethical standards of conduct, while expecting from himself accountability only to the standards which every higher standard is higher than.

He was a failure as a principal, but his psychophant loyalty to his so-called "heroes", landed him a cushy job for the rest of his miserable life. Not bad work if you can get it - or want it.

Have a nice life Wayne; maybe you can find a therapist to help you get over your fixation on me and find someone else's blog to read and then pester.

ched macquigg said...


New rule; before I publish another of your defamatory attacks, I insist that you respond to allegations made about you. To whit; as an administrator at Madison Middle School you were a known philanderer, and that in that role you preyed on (married) subordinates in violation of school board policy and any rules of common decency. And further, that you were caught in the act by the cuckold, and had to jump out of a window and run away in the night to avoid the ass whipping you deserved.

Frankly, I don't find the allegation at all hard to believe, I watched you after all, endlessly sniffing around young female staff members at Hoover.

In any event, before I publish any more of your libel, you will respond to what I consider to be a credible allegation of your own lack of character and courage.

No wonder you choke on the Pillars.