Monday, December 20, 2010

Chronic Disruption of the educational process in the APS

Ask any teacher how much of their day they spend "teaching" and how much of their day is wasted instead, dealing with chronically disruptive student behavior.

It is not an insignificant disruption.

The leadership of the APS has chosen to not quantify the waste. If you ask them for any scientific survey they have done, they can point to none, not one. I believe their refusal to compile data stems from their lack of character and courage; their cowardice and their corruption. If there is a third explanation; I cannot imagine it and they have yet to articulate it.

Student discipline is an administrative responsibility.
The evidence of their failure is incontrovertible.

They cannot write effective policy because they have no philosophical foundation upon which to build; they have no written discipline philosophy.

Ask APS Asst Supt Linda Sink why there is no written Discipline Philosophy.

She will not respond (candidly, forthrightly and honestly).

If you ask APS Supt Winston Brooks why APS has no written discipline philosophy, he will not respond (candidly, forthrightly and honestly).

If you ask APS School Board President Marty Esquivel why APS has no written discipline philosophy, he will not respond (candidly, forthrightly and honestly).

Side bar; If you ask APS Supt Brad Winter how much money he spent on the Susie Rayos Marmon Boardroom, link, he will not respond (candidly, forthrightly and honestly).

If you ask APS Chief of Police Steve Tellez why he cannot complete the four year old investigation of felony criminal misconduct involving the senior leadership of the APS Police Department and the APS itself, link, he will not respond (candidly, forthrightly and honestly).

Sidebar; If you ask District Attorney Kari Brandenburg why she does not insist that evidence of felony criminal misconduct be surrendered to her Office, she will not answer (candidly, forthrightly and honestly).

If you ask Journal Editor Kent Walz why none of this is newsworthy, he will not answer (candidly, forthrightly and honestly).

If we expect children to grow up to be trustworthy,
if we expect them to grow up telling the truth,
someone has to show them what it looks like.

photos and Walz frame grab, Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Southside and Westside gang wars are revving up in the APS schools, from Elementary to High school.
In some schools, there is an apparent winner in the number of recruits and the winning side decides to make their win permanent and solid, bullying students to choose an allegiance, or stay out of their way.
APS admin- on site, and in the towers- has no idea what is really going on. There are many gang parents and older brothers and sisters that are teaching these kids how to recruit and bully.
These gang turds are taking video of their humiliations they lay upon other students, especially in the school bathrooms and nearby arroyos and fields.
There are more guns in the APS schools, middle and high, than we have any idea about.
Cell phones and texting are their main means of communication for the modern APS gang-supporters.
What is APS' policy for gang-bullying? They meet with a counselor and talk their feelings out. Then later, parents and older relatives show up at bustops and beat the snot out of the kid who reported the gang-bullying. Then what happens? Both kids get ISS or OSS for "fighting".
APS doesn't have a clue, and I have a horrible feeling the fuse on this powder keg is going to be lit soon and it's going to be disastrous and devastating to our students!

Anonymous said...

APS won't make "closed" campuses with solid walls around them until a drive-by kills kids, or off-campus shooters come.
APS won't put in metal detectors at entrance points until kids get shot either.
Tower admin has sworn for years that no drug dogs will be brought on campus. Why? They don't want people to know their seemingly "ok" schools are actually filled with young drug-dealers and users.
They don't use cell phone jammers (like metropolitan restaurants and theaters have) to stop inside-school gang communications and general cell disruptions. Why? Who knows?
APS is not proactive, and it will probably take fatalities to open their eyes. Unfortunately by then it will be too late to give those students their lives back.