Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Martinez looks for self incrimination

Gov Elect Susana Martinez plans to save some money by asking people to expose the indefensible spending that they might still be doing.

It is contrary to human nature to expect people to point out their own incompetence and or corruption.

It makes far better sense to ask the rank and file to point to the waste.

That was what the Governmental Restructuring Task Force tried to do, but "Big Bill" shut them down.

Why is it in New Mexico redaction of the truth, whether by hiding it, ignoring it, or blocking a survey of it, is always left in the hands of the people with the most to hide?

Does Martinez have the inclination to open Pandora's Box; wikilink an honest and impartial survey of state employees that would enable them to expose waste?

Does she have the character?

Does she have the courage"

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