Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Transparency as armor

Personal corruption is about surrendering to temptation.

If there is no temptation, there is no corruption.

A pile of money in a dark back room is tempting.
The same pile of money with cameras on it, is not.

If it is impossible to be corrupt or incompetent without
being exposed, temptation and personal moral weakness
no longer play. Transparency eliminates temptation.

That coupled with the self evident benefits of transparency
make a compelling case. So why isn't government today
as transparently accountable as it will ever be?

Any politician or public servant seeking deliverance from
temptation, need only shine light on their public service.

Conversely, if any politician or public servant seeks to
dim the light on the public interests and their public service,
whether by omission or commission, you have to wonder
if they have not already surrendered to that temptation.,
and now just need to cover it up.

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