Monday, December 27, 2010

APS School Board Forum offers limited seating

I'm curious.

What efforts will be made to stream the forum to the people?

Will Torches and Pitchforks home gatherings be able to watch it on their wide screens?

Will the video stream come to rest in a user friendly archive?

Will our power and resources be used to promote the event or keep it under wraps?

Will the parent newsletter encourage parents to pay attention to the forum? How will the million dollar communications division, communicate the need for voter parents, to get involved?

How widely will the truth be told?

Will the Journal encourage public participation?

Will any of the legacy media encourage meaningful public participation in the school board election, before early voting begins?

If Marty Esquivel and Steve Telles actually arrest me, will the legacy press report it?

They didn't when they watched me get arrested for standing silently against the wall in the back of a board meeting, minding my own business and wearing an elephant mask.

I will consult the Magic 8-Ball.

(shake shake shake)

"Don't count on it"

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