Saturday, December 25, 2010

Public servant crossed the line

The Roswell City Councilor who recorded entire executive sessions and then indiscriminately distributed those recordings, violated the trust of the very people he claims to be championing. He crossed the line.

In fairness, their is some confusion over where the line is drawn and who gets to draw it.

There is a part of the whole truth, about the wielding of your power and the spending of your resources, that should not be handed over to you. For good and ethical reasons, some part of the truth is kept secret from public knowledge.

Past and current practice is to push the line as far toward obscurity as the law will allow. The law allows a lot of un-transparency.

Where on the continuum of obscurity to transparency
will the people draw the line on their right to know?

That is the issue that this election will settle at once
and for all.

Do the people have a right to as much transparency as the law will allow?

Or do politicians and public servants have a right
to hide as much as the law with allow?

A great deal of public resources have been spent litigating against transparency, litigating against the public interests.

Should the law protect the interests of the people, or
should it protect the interests of politicians
and public servants?

Whose prerogative is it?
Who gets to draw the line on truth telling,
the people or their servants?

Who decides who decides,
the people, or the politicians?

Whose fist pounds on the table last, voters or the elected?

The terms of public service are the prerogative of the people.

Clearly, we have no control over them at all.

Control over our power and resources has been usurped.
The usurpers will not give it back. They will not even
acknowledge their usurpation.

If "the people" want back, control over their power and resources, "they" will have to take it back.

"They" will have to demand transparency limited only by the law.

"They" will have to demand meaningful standards of conduct and competence in politics and public service.

"They" will have to demand a seat at the table where decisions are made.

"They" will have to pick a side.

We know the time, the day and the place;

Thursday, January 13, 2011
School Board Candidate APS-sponsored forum,
6:00-8:00 p.m. John Milne Community Board Room

Consider the sacrifices that have been made in the defense of democracy. Compare them with the 94 of 100 voters, who will not pay the least of their dues; casting their vote in the nest

There is a great deal of talk about involving the community in public education.

OK, here is the test. Everyone who thinks the community can be energized, please do. See if you can get any one of those 94 voters to step up and vote.

Long history indicates that you will be unsuccessful.

Your efforts will be opposed by people whose interests are served by voter apathy.

Early voting in this election will begin long before voters will know the whole truth
about the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

Voters have a right to the ethically redacted truth about their interests and Marty Esquivel's public service, before votes are cast.

It would appear that a deliberate effort is being made to keep voters in the dark by people who have other and more worthy obligations than to the leadership of the APS.

Truthtelling precedes election,
or the election is a fraud.

Don't vote too soon!

Don't vote too soon!

Don't vote too soon!

Don't vote too soon!

Don't vote too soon!

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