Sunday, December 05, 2010

Journal happy with their access to Berry Administration; bloggers, not so much.

In the Journal this morning, link, we read between the lines;
the previous mayor required an inordinate amount of media
attention and the Berry Administration does not; excepting
of course, Public Safety Director Darren White.

The Journal is on Mayor Richard Berry's "approved" list; they get invited to press opportunities. The Journal meets Berry spokesman Chis Ramirez' criteria for equal treatment under the law; the Journal owns a printing press.

The fact that Berry won't recognize bloggers as part of a free press, was not mentioned in the lengthy Journal report applauding Berry Administration transparency.

Apparently, it isn't newsworthy.

Richard Berry has no control
over bloggers. He can't call our
boss to call us off.

Perhaps he finds that threatening.

Perhaps he is just accepting really
bad council from Ramirez.

photos Mark Bralley

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