Monday, December 20, 2010

School Board Election begins in earnest tomorrow

Candidates for election to the APS Board of Education
must file notice of their candidacy tomorrow. Election day
is Tuesday, February 1st and early voting begins on
January 7th.

Though this is an important election for many reasons,
only five or six voters out of 100 will take the time and
make the effort to vote.

Historically, there are a number of reasons the turnout is so low; election fatigue after the November elections and the concurrent legislative session which normally sucks all the air out of the political environment.

We can also expect very little media coverage in local print and broadcast media. For reasons known only to them, they all but ignore school board elections and the discourse that surrounds them.

For my part, I will try to bring the issue of transparent accountability to the table. For their part, the leadership of the APS, and their candidate Marty Esquivel, will try to keep the subject from being discussed ever; not in public and certainly not before the election.

Expect the Journal and local media to accommodate them,
as has been their past practice. The Journal's practice is to
limit their coverage of school board elections, to chiding voters,
after the election is over, for their lack of interest.


Anonymous said...

I am plesed that you're running - my offer to help and/or contribute still stands - let us know when we can get going - and what you want us to do.

Anonymous said...

Even though you are not running for my area seat, I will contribute $100 and support you where I can.

ched macquigg said...

I am most grateful for your support.

Unfortunately, I have a little surgery coming up and with the holidays and all, I am hoping to getting rolling in January.

Again, thank you for your support; welcome to the fray.