Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Will Thaddeus Lucero's conduct and competence be investigated?

Deputy County Manager John Dantis is history, link.

What about his boss County Manager Thaddeus Lucero?
Did he know what was going on? Should he have known
what was going on?

An independent investigation, the full results of which are still secret from stakeholders, revealed ongoing public corruption and incompetence in Bernalillo County government. Were it a one time incident, one might argue that it is time to move on.

But it wasn't a one time incident. It appears to be another "that's the way things are done in New Mexico government; state, county, and municipal."

An impartial investigation needs to be conducted to determine who knew about, or should have known about, the problem and what they did to correct it.

Should the County Manager be held accountable for the culture of nepotism, cronyism, bribes and misconduct atop which he sits?

Should the investigation stop short of the top dog?

That seems to be the m.o. in cultures of corruption;
(only) "subordinate heads will roll."

Keep digging. Keep digging until you find someone in the chain of command who couldn't have known, who shouldn't have known, no matter how diligently s/he was doing her job.

Keep digging until we are left with someone we can actually
trust to cover our backs.

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