Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Denish distorts DA's record."

This one comes from Matt Reichback, NMI, link, who reports that FactCheck.Org, link, has determined that Lt Diane Denish has been running yet another misleading ad.

Misleading ads represent a deliberate attempt to mislead voters. If the difference between a lie and an honest mistake is intention, then misleading ads are lies.

How many lies do you get to tell before you are a liar?

Do we really want to elect another liar?

If we are to learn anything at all from history it is,
a politician who is willing to lie to get elected,
is willing to lie to stay elected, and
is willing to lie to get re-elected.

Now is the time to break the chain, before we elect another liar.

No more liars in the Roundhouse.

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