Friday, June 25, 2010

Brooks hiding the truth.

APS Superintendent Winston Brooks isn't saying why he sent APS CFO Dupay Batemen home on administrative leave; breaking the promise APS made to stakeholders; they wouldn't send people on administrative leave on vacation with nothing to do.

The exAPS CFO was part of APS' Financial Division when the Meyners auditors revealed their

  • lack of financially sound policies and procedures, and their
  • lack of accountability to such policies as their were, and their
  • lack of adequate record keeping.
... didn't have them then and never did before.

Likely millions of tax dollars have been lost or stolen. APS refuses to answer when asked if the Meyners Audit revealed criminal misconduct.

When APS Asst. Supt Michael Vigil was put on leave following his arrest for aggravated drunk driving, community outrage that he was being paid so much to sit at home and do nothing, prompted APS to promise they wouldn't do it again.

Then APS Police Chief Gil Lovato got in trouble, link. He was sent home on administrative leave for months until his contract expired. Because APS didn't fire him, he was deprived his day in court. Had that day in court happened, had the truth come out, "there won't be an APS senior administrator left standing", Lovato said at the time.

APS senior administrators, in the Lovato case, were involved in felony criminal misconduct. The misconduct was not investigated by any agency of law enforcement except the APS Police, an unaccredited, uncertificated, publicly funded private police force; a Praetorian Guard that has been "investigating" the case for three years, long enough for statutes of limitation to expire and, is yet to surrender even one shred of evidence to the District Attorney.

Now another APS senior administrator is cooling his heels on the taxpayers dime. Not only will he finish out his current contract while on leave, he is going to get to sign another contract good for another half year of doing nothing for the nearly $500 a day he pulls down; total cost to taxpayers, something north of $75K. For doing nothing.

The always kind to the leadership of the APS Journal, reports that Brooks will remain "quiet" on the details stakeholders own.

No shit!

Just like he, and the Journal, intend to remain quiet on APS' abandonment of the student standards of conduct, simply because Brooks, Esquivel, and the rest of the leadership of the APS, cannot summon the character and courage to step up to honest accountability as role models

Just like he, and the Journal, intend to remain quiet on the fraud in APS' Whistleblower program and the ongoing denial of due process for complaints filed thereunder.

photo Mark Bralley

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