Monday, June 28, 2010

Bernalillo County's black eye gets blacker

The healing will not begin until the County comes clean.

We now know enough about the corruption and incompetence at the Metropolitan Assessment Treatment Services center, and in the Community Correction Program, both under the "watchful" eye of Bernalillo County Deputy Manager John Dantis, to know that something is wrong - very wrong.

County Manager Thaddeus Lucero's
decision to keep the full investigative report on the problems at M.A.T.S. secret from stakeholders, will only fuel speculation that he is trying to hide something(else).

That or to allow crony Dantis to burn some vacation days before he is finally relieved of his command.

There is no good and ethical reason that the full investigative report cannot be ethically redacted and released forthwith. It has been in Lucero's hands for nearly two weeks; since June 15th.

There is no reason to continue to refuse to release an ethically redacted version, except to hide something the public has a right to know; now.

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