Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jenning's boggle over webcasting

Senate President Pro Tempore and Co-chair of the Legislative Council,
Tim Jennings
, fought hard to table
Rep Janice Arnold-Jones'
to begin webcasting of interim committee meetings.

It was he, despite the fact that Arnold-Jones mailed "the gist" (correction 7/2/10) of her motion to all of the principles, who represented that he didn't know who submitted the motion, and demanded that her identity be revealed, allowing for their collective groan when her name was finally spoken.

Despite the fact that as many as 48 other states webcast their legislatures, and that the technology and techniques are tested and true, Jennings lobbied hard and long during the Legislative Council debate over Arnold-Jones' motion, in favor of a two month delay while the Legislative Council Services did "some more research" about how it could be done without capturing "legislators scratching their ...s".

He also wondered aloud, why the previous efforts to begin interim committee webcasting failed to pass the Senate. He offered that he would have to go back to see what happened. He would have a hard time doing that since there is no archive of webcasts to search; a situation for which he owns no small part of the responsibility.

Makes you wonder what it is he wants so badly to hide.

photo Mark Bralley

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