Monday, June 28, 2010

Colón's word not worth much apparently.

Lt Gov Candidate Brian Colón said, when asked to talk about the past; his and Lt Gov Diane Denish's relationship with the Richardson administration and its attendant public corruption and incompetence, said they weren't going to talk about the past. Instead, he said, they're going to focus on the future and the issues that are important to New Mexicans, link.

That's what he said. It's not what they're doing.

Instead, they're continuing to run the DA Susana Martinez plea bargains sex offenders ad.

Not only is the ad deliberately misleading, playing on voter's ignorance of the nuances of plea bargaining in the real world, but it proves their lack of interest in the real issues, focusing instead on more negative campaigning, not on the issues that are important to New Mexicans.

Maybe they will behave more honestly if we elect them.

Right, and maybe a pint of Häagen Dazs really does serve four.

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