Monday, June 14, 2010

"We want to prevent this from happening again."

Another public servant has betrayed our trust; bribes have been solicited and accepted (allegedly) KOB TV, link.

An assurance has been offered by Acting Bernalillo County Manager Julie Baca. She said;

Obviously we want to prevent this from ever happening again ...
Obviously, we would rather that "they" would have prevented it from happening at all.

Baca's assurance is based on the premise that "they" have the skills and determination necessary to prevent a recurrence.

Which begs a question; if they have those skills and determination today, why didn't they have them yesterday?
If they can prevent the next instance of public corruption,
why didn't they prevent the last?

That is why we elected them, that is why we hired them.

It isn't enough that they prevent the next betrayal of our trust, they should have prevented this one. "They" must be held accountable for failing to prevent his one. The horse has left the barn; it is too late to close the door.

Look for an "investigation" that stops short of investigating those whose responsibility it was, to prevent public corruption and incompetence in the Community Custody Program. Look for an investigation that falls short of naming the highest ranking politicians and public servants who should have prevented this corruption and did not.

Whatever happened to the "investigation" into the corruption under John Dantis, link. Where are the results; will there be a candid, forthright and honest public disclosure?

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