Friday, October 31, 2014

Former APS Police Chief avoids criminal prosecution

Former APS Chief of Police Steve Tellez will not be prosecuted over his responsibility in the disappearance of ammunition from APS control.

The decision was made a month and a half ago.

As far as I know, the Journal is yet to report it.  As is anyone credentialed by KRQE, KOAT, KOB TV and or the publishers of the DCF.

"Not newsworthy" would be my guess.

The Bernalillo County District Attorneys Office offers the following;

After carefully reviewing the evidence and allegations, our office has determined there is insufficient evidence to move forward with the case involving Mr. Tellez . Several people had access to the storage closet where the ammunition was stored and the State cannot prove what happened to the two boxes of missing ammunition. Further, no APS ammunition was found during a search of Tellez' home.
The search was conducted by the Bernalillo County Sheriffs Department.

... more than five weeks after first
the shit hit the fan, urbandictionary, in February, link.

photo Mark Bralley

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