Thursday, October 16, 2014

APS "Ethical Advocate" stats to be presented

APS' Audit Committee meets today.  The agenda, link, here quoted in significant part with added links, includes;

Ethical Advocate Statistics (Discussion)
Presenter: Peg Koshmider
Ethical Advocate Statistics link
9-30-14 Ethical Advocate Statistics link
SilentWhistle Graph link
Ethical Advocate is the "public relations" face of the treatment whistleblowers get from the leadership of the APS.

The hidden face of APS treatment of whistleblowers was described in the findings of a recent audit by the Council of the Great City Schools.  Their auditors found that whistleblowers are confronted by a culture of fear of retaliation in response to their complainants.

Part of the felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators that they're trying to cover up, is the federal felony criminal abuse of the NCIC database in an effort to harass whistleblowers.

If you examine the SilentWhistle Graph, you will see that
consistently ranks among the highest subjects of whistleblower complaints (against administrators).

Note that the statistics of three entirely different behaviors are conflated for no good reason.  When APS reported bullying statistics, they conflated them with vandalism; again for no good reason.

They conflate data to order to diminish the usefulness of the data in holding school board members and senior administrators actually accountable for their conduct and competence.

If data is too embarrassing, shaming or indicting to diminish even through conflation, they simply gather no data at all.  Where is
  • the historical data on student discipline problems in the APS? and or,
  • the current data, and or
  • the current plan to deal with student discipline problems including chronically disruptive students, and most importantly,
  • where is their plan for the future, link?
The non-existence of any of real, useful data leads one to suspect that the data is being not collected for a reason.

That reason is not;
because there are no problems to report.

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